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The Carpathian Mountains perfectly match the scenario of the ideal human bio climate. Surrounded by a mysterious aura, amplified by countless legends springing from the heart of the mountain and its virgin forests, the Carpathians offer an extraordinary diversity of medicinal plants that grow in a special atmosphere away from pollutant factors. Starting from the bottom, at the base of the Carpathian Mountains, and through the mysterious paths to the top, the plant palette offers unlimited therapeutic options, well-known by the quacks. The legends speak of the halfraga, a very old medicinal plant treating any disease and hiding in the rocks of the Carpathian Mountains. This magical place is home to the largest population of wolves (2500) and bears (6500) in Europe, in freedom in virgin forests.

The mountain system of the Carpathians has formed in a similar way to the Alps, but their natural beauty is enriched by the gorge, passageways and gigantic rocky areas. This ambiance of mystery and adventure is remarkable in the fact that the Carpathian rocks are crossed by the spirit of Prince Vlad, the famous Dracula character of Bram Stoker and the ghosts of the Carpathian Castle described in the novel by Jules Verne. Here is how wonderful history intertwines with the mystery, for Prince Vlad was in fact the Romanian prince Vlad the Impaler, a great lover and defender of these lands, and the Carpathian Castle was in fact the strongest fortified fortress in the Transylvania of the century XIV, raised on a rock corner.

For this reason, many personalities were sent by famous physicians of the times to treat themselves in the atmosphere of the Carpathian Mountains, an example being Princess Elizabeth I, the wife of the Austro-Hungarian emperor Franz Joseph (very much loved as Princess Sissi) or Russian general Pavel Kisseleff.

The purity of the air we breathe is one of the essentials of life. But what are the factors that cause natural, atmospheric creation of high-purity air? The answer is simple, but the springs behind it vibrate scientifically: pure air is created in a perfectly balanced bio climate.

The unique, mystical atmosphere of the Carpathians inspired the scenes of famous films such as Cold Mountain, nominated for seven Academy Awards.
The virgin forests of the Carpathian Mountains, surrounded by a splendid variety of medicinal plants, untouched by industrial and urban pollution, create a pure atmosphere, an air rich in aerosols and negative ions, and natural ultraviolet radiation delivers microbiological purity.

What does a perfectly balanced bio climate mean? It means a perfect symbiosis between relief, vegetation, hydrological processes, soil-atmosphere water circuit, water and air composition, temperature, humidity and air pressure, sunshine duration, atmospheric dynamics, partial oxygen pressure, wind speed. All this is a constellation of factors for the purpose of generating a pure air with an aerosol-rich composition lacking chemical and microbiological pollution. This perfect bio climate is offered by the Carpathian Mountains.


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