UK: Air pollution ‘triggers hundreds more heart attacks and strokes’

Higher air pollution in the UK trigger hundreds more heart attacks, strokes and acute asthma attacks each year, research suggests. A team at King's College London looked at data from London, [...]


Breathe the world’s cleanest air in Romania – 6 places with therapeutic effect in our country

Although it seems hard to believe, in Romania people breathe better air than in Switzerland! Just in certain areas of the country, though, which you can turn into unique destinations for your [...]


Mumbai air pollution isn’t as bad as Delhi’s? Think again

The city’s sea breeze most often blows away pollutants. But when winds are light, noxious gases and particulate matter remain suspended in the air.


India weather: Temperature passes 50 Celsius in northern India

A heatwave has suddenly borne down on millions of people, killing several as the temperature passes 50C Celsius. Temperatures passed 50 degrees Celsius in northern India as an unrelenting [...]


Mexico City’s air is so bad that schools, playgrounds and a zoo are closed

Mexico's Education Ministry canceled school in the capital and surrounding areas for Thursday as a result of a siege of air pollution. Weather conditions at the end of Mexico’s dry season, [...]


Dirty air killing Indians early and in large numbers

1.2 mln early deaths by breathing dirty air; dying 2.6 years earlier; COPD, lung cancer high on chart; diabetes the new rogue. Electoral mandate cannot ignore this health emergency Over 1.2 [...]


Toxic Air Killed Over 12 Lakh in India in 2017. Have Parties Woken Up Too Late to the Pollution Peril?

Over half of the total deaths attributed to air pollution happened in India and China in 2017. While China improved the air quality with stringent norms, India’s air quality worsened during the [...]


Air from Romania – Why the source matters

Breaza, with its rich Ozone influence and an unique record in AQI (air quality index) , becomes the utmost natural environment to offer the researchers an optimal platform to observe in vivo the [...]


Greenpeace report names India as the most polluted country in the world

India has been named as the world's most polluted country in an analysis of air quality across the globe. The findings, from Greenpeace and AirVisual, found that 22 of the 30 most polluted [...]


Air pollution in India caused 1.2 million deaths last year

Air quality in India is so poor that that 1.2 million deaths in the country last year can be attributed to air pollution. A nationwide survey, published in Lancet Planetary Health on Dec. 6, [...]

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