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Delivering 100% Pure Carpathian Air to those who need it the most


Taken straight from the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, some of the cleanest air in the world, our pure air canisters provide you breaths of pristine mountain air wherever you are, whenever you need it. Not only will you be benefiting from clean air, you’ll also get a genuine taste of the world famous Carpathian Mountains.
The bottling of air in pressure bottles provides the possibility of inhalation of multiple doses and is easy to carry in the pocket. It’s a solution for overcoming the acute periods of some diseases as well as a resort for counterbalancing the possibility of moving to areas with clean air.
Our commitment to the environment is reflected in both our production process and our final product. Environmental commitment is our creed.


Thanks to the abundance of pure air, our team developed a solution that enables individuals, especially from heavily polluted cities, to breathe Carpathian air.
We believe in pure, clean air that is free from all types of gases and contaminating particulate. However, beyond the meaning given to purity in our products, we understand purity as a way of being and doing things.
Energy Ro-Air gives people living in heavily polluted cities the opportunity to get pollutant-free air.

100% pure Carpathian Mountains air captured in a bottle!

The air is delivered in hand-held bottles allowing users to transport it everywhere.
The breath of mountains can be there in your bag every time.
We ensure quality and purity of Energy-RoAir, by testing it multiple times before it reaches you.
Air products have been especially harvested to provide fresh air like no other.
With every breath, you will experience the freshest air in Carpathian Mountains. We are 100% committed to providing you with the very best of breathing air you can buy, so why not give it a try?

Choose from a range of sizes and combo packs for any needs
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