Breathe the world’s cleanest air in Romania – 6 places with therapeutic effect in our country

Although it seems hard to believe, in Romania people breathe better air than in Switzerland! Just in certain areas of the country, though, which you can turn into unique destinations for your holidays.

There are local places where you can take a “cure” of fresh clean air, beyond the concrete and emissions of the city, notes

You want to get rid of the pollution in your town? To run away from the torrid concrete landscape and the infernal sound of horns?

How about escaping to the places with the cleanest air in Romania?

Here are the quiet areas, with delightful views, where you can relax and where you can breathe fresh air, according to

1. Poiana Marului (Apple’s Meadow) is 150 km away from Timisoara and is one of the most beautiful sights in the Banat area;

2. The Slanic Saline is about 100 kilometers from Bucharest;

3. Cluj-Napoca. The city in the heart of Transylvania was designated the place where the cleanest air in Europe is breathed, according to a ranking made by the Respire Association;

4. Botoşani. According to EU rules, Botosani is the only city in the country that meets the rules on the optimal green surface area;

5. Tusnad Baths. The resort in Harghita County is at 650 meters altitude and is the smallest town in the country;

6. Breaza. Since 1928, the city of Prahova County has been a spa resort, and here you can breathe fresh air due to ozone and negative ions, with therapeutic effect.


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