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Along with water,  Air it’s the source of all life on Earth.

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Energy RoAir – feel the difference

It’s been around for millions of years so we never thought of living without it.


An average person can survive without food for 3 weeks, without water for 3 days, and without air for just about 3 minutes.
The reality is that millions of people struggle with polluted air making their daily lives a nightmare.
Air pollution is scientifically linked to respiratory problems, overall fatigue, loss of concentration and depression.

Anything that helps mitigate the effects of toxic air is, therefore, of critical importance.

This is where Energy RoAir comes in.
We have devised a method for delivering 100% pure, clean air to everyone who needs it, in an easy to carry, easy to use package.

Energy-RoAir is bringing you the purest air, filled with energizing negative ions and unaltered natural fragrances, from the millenary forests of the Carpathian Mountains in Europe, scattered with trickling streams of frigid, crystalline water and places of myth and legends…

Everything, from the air we collect, to the manufacturing process and the air cans we ship around the world is certified by international, European and local bodies, so you can rest assured that every breath of Energy RoAir preserves it’s original quality.

Experience 100% pure, clean, certified, healthy air
whenever you need it,
wherever you need it.


• Remove the large, transparent cap.
• Remove the secondary, smaller, cap and put it aside.
• Connect the large cap to the bottle thourgh the small nozzle.
• Now you have a convenient breathing mask!
• Make sure the 6 holes are facing down.
• Put the mask on your mouth and nose.
• Gently press the button and inhale deeply.
• Repeat the proccess for 4 to 5 times.
• Remount the caps on the bottle.

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  The Carpathian Mountains perfectly match the scenario of the ideal human bio climate. Surrounded by a mysterious aura, amplified by countless legends springing from the heart of the mountain and its virgin forests, the Carpathians offer an extraordinary diversity of medicinal plants that grow in a special atmosphere away from pollutant factors. Starting from the bottom, at the base of the Carpathian Mountains, and through the mysterious paths to the top, the plant palette offers unlimited therapeutic options, well-known by the quacks. The legends speak of the halfraga, a very old medicinal plant treating any disease and hiding in the rocks of the Carpathian Mountains. This magical place is home to the largest population of wolves (2500) and bears (6500) in Europe, in freedom in virgin forests.


The mountain system of the Carpathians has formed in a similar way to the Alps, but their natural beauty is enriched by the gorge, passageways and gigantic rocky areas. This ambiance of mystery and adventure is remarkable in the fact that the Carpathian rocks are crossed by the spirit of Prince Vlad, the famous Dracula character of Bram Stoker and the ghosts of the Carpathian Castle described in the novel by Jules Verne. Here is how wonderful history intertwines with the mystery, for Prince Vlad was in fact the Romanian prince Vlad the Impaler, a great lover and defender of these lands, and the Carpathian Castle was in fact the strongest fortified fortress in the Transylvania of the century XIV, raised on a rock corner.

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